Dependable - Flexible - Efficient - Win-win

We Provide:

Consulting and broker services specialized in business between the US and China. 

For who: 

 We are focused on working with reputable US and overseas partners to enable effective business development, sales, exporting, distribution, and procurement. In the IT industry, our experience includes business with LCD manufacturers, mobile products, ODMs, OEMs, ICs, software, SDK and API licensing, content licensing, and equity fundraising. In the agricultural industry, our experience includes business and consulting with the almond, walnut, and rice industries, where we focus on enabling the export of products locally grown in California.

Why Nexus Pacific: 

Committed to maintaining the highest standards in all business dealings, in service, quality, ethics, and the environment.

Extensive experience with international business law and negotiations between Chinese and US companies on a variety of deals ranging from sales, licensing, agency, distribution, investment, and others.

Linguistic and cultural fluency in China and the US.  

Broad network and connections in Asia and the US.

Extensive market experience and domain expertise.

Improving your ROI for entering or expanding in China or the US.

Win-win business model with the flexibility to meet your needs. 

We are always open to new business, and happy to exchange more information.